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I am great at taking notes. I mean, really great… as in I do it thoroughly because that’s how I learn, but then I just leave ’em – used and forgotten.

But it dawned on me – a blog is there to use however I want! And a lot of my notes are about marketing stuff so it’s a pretty good match.

This is from a webinar that Avinash Kaushik held for Inbound Marketing University:

Disclaimer – the smart things are all Avinash’s, but he can’t be blamed for my way of dividing it, nor for all comments and examples.


Clickstream is HUGE amounts of data!
But the insight you can get from it is very limited.


Clickstream                                What?
Multiple outcomes analysis        How much?
Experimentation & Testing        Why?
Voice of customer                      Why?
Competitive Intelligence            What else?
Insights                                     THAT’S the stuff!

Bounce rate

Check bounce rate of top pages, top referrals & fix those with the highest BR.

Good rules of thumb:

  • Landing Pages that correlate with search term!! ( Think: I don’t want to guess/Don’t make me think/Keep-It-Simple-Stupid)
  • No choosing country – IP recognition baby
  • If you have a blog you’re probably safe even at 80 %
  • If you have a site with more than 1 page – 25-30% is OK, over 50% = freak out!!


  1. Look beyond the top 10 of things. (Example: Rising & Falling keywords/pages)
  2. Segment data! (Example: Dept of visit >3 pages)
  3. Define goals (What pages in your site do you REALLY BADLY want people to look at)
  4. Think micro vs. macro conversions – you do want both, so measure them.

Added smartness

Learn to be wrong – Quick!

It’s not the recession, you just suck – Lisa Barone via Avinash Kaushik

10/90- rule = Spend 10 % on the tools, 90 % on the people
Because: Data is free – Effort & Imagination is NOT!

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