Waiting for the crayfish party

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I feel EXTREMELY bad!

I’ve committed one of the worst sins in the online world – I’ve gone OFFLINE for too long.

The blogging time frame I would say is – keep in touch once a week
On Twitter of course it’s once per day or so

Oh well, I’m back and I’ve leaned from my mistakes!

Applying internally for a job as marketing- and communication manager.
Preparing for Winter (always in Sweden 😉 )
Planning out the garden for the summer house (not mine, my parents-in-law)
Going to a crayfish party (Swedish summer tradition) – first one of the year!

When I was gone:
Had the flu – BADLY, for the first week of my vacation :S
Had a birthday – great big fun!
Got a surprise trip to Barcelona – I have some GREAT tips from there

Ok, that’s it for now – cheerio ol’ chap! 😉

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