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Came across Twitcam today, thanks to @unmarketing

Although I have my tweeps at Twitter (sorry, just had to…) to thank for a bunch of knowledge, it’s at times like this that I get really excited about the possibilities of Twitter.

For one,  although the Twitter website is next to impossible to use if you want to tweet in a serious way, there are gazillions of  3rd party applications to discover. Today it was Twitcam, by LiveStream’s turn – video broadcasting tool, with great sound, easy UI and good picture quality. And at the same time there is a live twitter chat unfolding. It’s like #hashtags with a brain!

And the other thing is the utter immediacy of Twitter. Scott (@unmarketing) tweeted that he started the live video and seconds later I had tuned in. Me and about 100 other people – all interacting with Scott at that second, many of us far away from North America.

Other examples is Inbound Marketing University by Hubspot and a local food-festival in Stockholm – I found both by chance on Twitter, ant the very separate activities gives an idea on variety of  Twitterers already engaged.

There is of course stress related implications for those who cannot master the art of Twitter or that are not curious enough to want to know “everything”. But apart from that…

…think of the possibilities for even the smallest company to create value for  themselves and their customers!

As Scott kindly pointed out, everything you write will end up on your Twitter account. Plus anyone with a Twitter account can join! So it’s not private, but Twitter isn’t about being private – on the contrary – it’s about networking, being real and standing up for your opinions. It may seem scary to not be able to hide behind generic e-mail replies or have time to edit and re-edit whatever you put out there – but I do belive the customers will appreciate the personal approach even more in the future.

Also, a hilarious real-time bonus was Scotts handling of a tea-loving spammer! Nothing is as sweet as live snubbing!

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