The tooting of horns…

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Okey, I’m about 6 months into this webanalytics/SearchEngineMarketing/Optimazation business… And I love it! I do – it’s marketing! And it’s hilarious – as you will find out if you visit YourPPCSucks That guy is a genius, and I’m scared to ever come close to ending up on that site 🙂 In the meantime it makes me feel good about the ad copy I produce – hey, at least I’m smarter than a software 😉

I found YourPPCSucks on Twitter. There are many great things to find on Twitter – don’t even try to tell me otherwise. I also found TheDaveCollins, and it turns out I could learn from his blog! There is also a lot of less great things on Twitter, but let’s just ignore those.

Twitter can, amongst other things, be used to toot your own horn, and who wouldn’t want to do that! I got to toot a bit for SurveyPirate yesterday when we lanched CSV-reports and Preview function of the survey tool. And I’ll toot the fact that I’m writing for the SurveyPirate blog – the PirateUniversity part, designed to teach you great stuff 😉

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  1. If you have a blog, with a working RSS/ATOM feed that people already subscribe to, why not just enter a short post, say 160 chars – eq. of a twitter post? Why bother with two sites as they both spew out RSS/ATOM, they will both end up on people’s readers anyway, won’t they?

    Ahh, i love recycling my own blog posts in other’s comments. Makes me feel happy and retarded

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