Tell me what you watch on tv and I’ll tell you who you are

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“It’s an added bonus – like the SUN or AIR” – New Adventures of Old Christine

“A mistake, no! It was a choice…one that I now regret deeply” – New Adventures of Old Christine

I simply LOVE that show! Wanda Sykes is a huge favorite and although Julia Dreyfus was great in Seinfeld this show just takes the cake!

Sometimes I really wish I didn’t enjoy TV as much as I do! It’s a real “time-thief” but I just can’t help it!

Like now, I’m up and not sleeping because it’s almost Swedish air-time for Daily Show with John Stewart. That is one good show and they always broadcast a week too late and 1-2 am :S

Oldies but goldies that I can never see enough of (but then again, that I never actually watch):
Blackadder (OH it’s a good one!)

Absolutely Fabulous – you don’t have to believe me, but it’s my life and just a tad bit exaggerated…

Gilmore Girls – I just loved it when it was on the first time, and I still like the quiet hysteria in Sleepy Hollow.

What do they have in common? Lets see… fast talking, borderline hysterics and focusing on quick laughter… yepp, sounds like me 😉

But I also like The Big Bang Theory… about a gang of nerdy guys…oh wait, that’s a bunch of hysterics that talk too fast as well…

Now that I think about it, do you remember Blossom ?! Oh, that was my favorite as a kid! Six was the hysteric girl talking too fast… just in case you’ve forgot!

I would probably watch  Ugly Betty if it wasn’t for House being on at the same time – I mean, Hugh Laurie stole my heart in Blackadder…no quick-talking hysteric fashion show could ever compete with that 😉

Now, do you dare tell me what you watch?

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