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On habit changing tablets

Early summer in the middle of Sweden. There’s six of us sitting on the front porch of the summer house. Two laptops with tonights Icehockey game is placed in front of most of them. Me, I’m watching the other nights gardening show on my iPad. I admit it, I never watch TV except for on TV before I got my iPad. It was too much hassle. The only reason I do it now is because it’s sooo easy. I have it next to my bed, I bring it to the summer house and watch it in the sun.

Later the same summer heat and humidity makes it impossible to be in our apartment. Having looked forward to finally watching a summer tv-show I simply placed the iPad on a table on the balcony and both me and my boyfriend could watch the show quite easily.
Granted it’s a bit silly to watch a 10″ when we have a 32″ and a 40″ in the apartment – but still!

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