Is it just me?

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Just read this post about being ONE person at home and at work. (In general a really a good blog!!) It’s absolutely NOT the first one, and it will most definitely not be the last one – but I just felt the area is OVERLY crowded with people stating the obvious. Or is it just me?

Is it just me who change jobs when I get the famous “Sunday anxiety” – if I’m feeling bad when Monday is coming up, well then obviously I’m NOT in the right place?!

Is it just me who accepted at 13-years old – that I will become a clone of my mother?! Not saying I’m out of choices – just that I’m not surprised every time I “sound like my mother”.

Is it just me, or can’t you just puke at all the “I’m older, therefore NOW I know what’s right – when I was YOUR age I just THOUGHT I did”

Is it really THAT hard to:

– Choose between the options you are given, and LIVE with it!

– Accept the fact that you learn over time

– If it ain’t working for you – try something else, some other way

– If it IS working – realize that doesn’t mean you are right and everyone else is wrong!

– NOT write a post about it?! (Yupp, eventually it is! Which in essence means I will NEVER be free from all state-the-obvious-posts-in-my-RSS)

Is it just me and the fact that I’m totally unaccustomed to this Monday’s crankiness?


Sunny Tuesday update:

All you really need is this happiness test

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