Moving is opening my eyes for SEO

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The last month have been all BUT productive… as far as blogging is considered.
On the other hand, I’ve been painting windows, building Ikea furniture AND trying to Google stuff I think I want.

All this Googleing has made me realize – Swedish interior shops have some CRAPPY SEO! 😛
I hate directories (I know, I shouldn’t, it’s SEO) – I just hate going through stuff that only gives you half the info you want.

There is one shop, however, that seems to show up on almost every search I make – – really cool stuff, but FAR from cheap! They are using meta keywords – which really shouldn’t make a difference, right?
They’re also using descriptions, and titles, although I wouldn’t call them unique.

So, is this proof of how bad SEO is in Sweden? Or evidence that Google acutally doesn’t care that much about the page content correlating with description? Or even – are they still using meta keywords to index sites? what happened to ignoring it due to keyword stuffing? Only rumors?

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