I’m back in Sweden, and winter is still here. I went from sunny (but windy) paradise to 3 feet of snow. Those who know me know I can’t stand more than a month of winter time…this is the fourth, or fifth, I’ve lost count!

Anyways, doing what I promised on new years – blogging more often (not doing a great job so far, am I!)

We’ve just moved office at work, and I still a bit of unpacking to do, but it’s going to be really nice! Looking forward to getting more structure and focusing on our online marketing.

Done a bit of WordPress setup today. Mainly looking for themes and making them look as much as what we really want. Good exercise, since it’s so easy to wish for something slightly different than what is available.

I’m also trying to get through the book Getting Things Done, to learn how to do more things with less stress (Sounds easy right 😉 )

But I will fulfill what I promised. I will blog more often…soon 🙂

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