I hardly use a computer anymore*. 99% of what I need to do I’ll use my iPad or even mobile for.
I admit, surfing the traditional web is sometimes a hassle on iPad (need I mention Flash), but most really interesting places have found a way to make it work without scaling to an old school mobile design (not Google, but them putting up a fight is understandable)

On the other hand you can imagine how much more effort the 1% is requiring nowadays – my computer is 5-6 years old at this point. Eventually I’m sure I’ll see the benefit of spending money on a new one.

My camera is basically replaced by my phone, and the result – I actually take pictures! It’s not really that I don’t like my camera (Sony Cybershot in hot pink). It’s actually awesome, but it’s over 4 years and the screen is a bit hard to read by now. If I didn’t love so much I’m sure I’d get a new one, but for the last year I’ve just replaced it more and more with my phone (Motorola Atrix 1). Since I use the camera so little I just recently realized that a big upside to it is that I can load my pictures straight on to my iPad, which it won’t let me do from my phone. Luckily sharing from my phone is idiot proof and covers every direction I’ve ever wanted to go in.



So what is the 1%?
Word-processing and saving documents as PDF
Watching tv-shows if I miss them (I’m traditional when it comes to watching TV)
Surfing certain sites that just don’t get it
Backing up my phone (honestly, I just don’t do it)
Creating presentations, PPT and Prezi (my pet peeve, should be so much more fun on iPad!)

What do you use your computer for? And better yet, which one should I go for when I just can’t take the 10 minute start-up process and the 1-minute-to-change-program anymore?

*At home that is. When it comes to work my laptop is glued to my fingertips!

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