Are you kiddin’ me with this?!

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25th of April was my latest post… I’m at a loss for words! Sadly it’s about the same time that I stopped spending time on online marketing as well.
But as the song goes – Enough is enough is enough is enough…
I answered a survey from a community I used to be a member of and I realized how much energy and valuable input online gives me. Tips from Twitter in form of blogs, articles, feedback from tweeps. New SEO rules dictated by Google. New ad channels (or old ones suddenly worth taking a look at). There are just so many factors in play that to do online you need to live and breath online.

Although Twitter has evolved a lot and doesn’t provide the community spirit it did1-2 years ago, it’s still a source of information and it’s still only as good as you make it. The original though holds true: put quality content out there and demand quality from those you interact with. The fact that online marketing is becoming a standard element within marketing shouldn’t lure us into thinking it’s all said and done.

Alarmingly this “everyday business” is still widely unknown to the people dependent on it. Adwords and SEO are not synonyms. Link building isn’t link building isn’t link building (seriously, do have a look the sites that link to you – if it’s about apes, the alps and anacondas it’s not a high quality site).

I guess that’s one of the reasons why so many “social media experts” still have more work than they can handle!
And it’s a reason for me to keep this monologue going 😉

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