I promised a friend to blog more about social media during 2010. Not been living up to it much, have I 😉 But a good start is this presentation I just held for a bunch of Swedish production managers. Great group, lots of questions! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment or tweet @DangerousDolly Check out the social Twitter presentation here, since I obviously don’t know how to embedd stuff 😀 Also Prezi.com is an awesome presentation tool!

Just trying out PocketDirekt – a Swedish site that lets you sell books on your blog (site). No hassle. So far, pretty good. Except the fact that I couldn’t get it to work with my book blog 😉 [gigya width=”120″ height=”240″ src=”http://www.pocketdirekt.se/ming.php?add_id=c8ba76c279269b1c6bc8a07e38e78fa4″ quality=”high” wmode=”tranparent” ]

Anyone loves celebrity gossip right? Wrong. But anyone likes to think/read/hear about people they see as celebrities! With fame comes perks, but more so responsibility and the “right” for people to have an opinion about your personality. I’m not applauding either, I’m just calling it the way I see it. Andy Warhol coined the “15 minutes of fame” expression, something that people tend to call “15 seconds” nowadays. Regardless, god knows we’re close to actually getting our 15 minutes. Not only because the entertainment industry…Continue Reading “Pond-celebrity and the normal kind”

Sweden’s beloved (and hated) H&M got caught doing the doo doo in New York. To be honest, Wal-Mart got caught too…but they had a spokesperson saying “Strange, I will HAVE to investigate this” or something of the sort… H&M made the journalist call someone else, that then didn’t answer…and OH-OH, who got to be the bad boy in this?! The HUGE problem I see is actually not that it happened! The ENORMOUS problem is that H&M has a Corporate Responsibility executive employed(!!) And that they…Continue Reading “Corporate responsibility is a fashion word”

There is a connection between brand extension success and level of brand identity. If you want to do what Virgin does (music, airplanes, coke) you have to find your bottom line in your Attitude, your Role in the market.

I started this post back  in June, but it got stuck in draft mode. This is what I’d written: Google is changing the rules of internet sometime during this year. I would argue they HAVE already changed it – they made me watch a 1 HOUR and 20 minutes video of them marketing their latest product. I ask you – HOW many commercials are allowed to be 1.20 hrs?! I was skeptical, I really was! And I still am – but just about the release…Continue Reading “Surfing the Google Wave”

I am great at taking notes. I mean, really great… as in I do it thoroughly because that’s how I learn, but then I just leave ’em – used and forgotten. But it dawned on me – a blog is there to use however I want! And a lot of my notes are about marketing stuff so it’s a pretty good match. This is from a webinar that Avinash Kaushik held for Inbound Marketing University: Disclaimer – the smart things are all Avinash’s, but he…Continue Reading “Anlytics Awesomeness from Avinash”

If a SEO does not know how to program a test site, is he then a SEO? If a SEO is fully focused on Googles next step and not that bothered about inbound marketing – then he needs to work with a SMO.

So, we’re on the hunt for a CMS at work. Or well, me and the designer is on the hunt. Others mainly ask if we aren’t done already or just don’t say anything. Oh, did I mention we started the search last week?! So my problem was – A) Go with WordPress – yes of course, but with the issues bound to arise and the enormous interest in learning new tools (well, not, obviously), I can just feel the gray hairs starting to grow on…Continue Reading “In the midst of CMS”