The free word never stops – or did it?

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So, free has travelled to Sweden 😉

Anderson’s book earned a book review in one of our big newspapers. Even though I never read it, I of course managed to sniff this up!

The writer is less than happy with Anderson’s idea of free, and he recommends his readers to choose Tyler Cowens “Create your own economy” instead.

I might pick him up on that…see, when I wrote the post on Free a week or so ago – I looked the book up on Scribd and saw it as the genius PR trick that “free stuff” generally is – BUT wait, in this Swedish reivew it said it was restricted to US only… I didn’t even belive it, so I checked for myself… But of course! (Btw, might be that I’m blind and it was always restricted. But it’s news to me)

I just don’t get it… a person like Anderson, in-tune with the new economy (according to him, and I belive him 😛 )
Shouldn’t he possibly grasp the FIRST thing with internet – WORLD WIDE… not geographically restricted…

Did he just shoot his own theory in the foot?! I’m at a loss for words 😉

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