PR is not about “getting it”

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Oh this is too much!

British Airways is charging for the  of choosing your seat in the plane.

Cory Doctorow of course posted a fun question: What happens is I fly with a 2-year old?

I say: BA, I will NOT risk being nanny to other passengers – and since I really don’t care enough to read ALL your press releases I’ll just read what gets tweeted and re-tweeted enough – ergo, I’ll be scared of having to babysit – and I’ll instead choose another flight!

I see two scenarios:

I pay to get MY seat – then a family “forgets” and I have a child next to me.
Do I a) change with one parent and by doings so pay for a seat I don’t really want
or b) sit next to the child and hope to god it’s a well behaved one

I do as I always do – pick the best available seat and hope that no one paid to sit a long way from a 20-something Swedish girl and end up next to me?! 🙂

Congratulations – you got a lot of PR – but you don’t really get it, do you? 🙂

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