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Reading Outspoken Media’s Online Reputation Management Guide – wherein they suggest protecting your name with a service called Naymz (I won’t link it, you could Google it, but I won’t recommend it 😉 )

I haven’t heard of that service and therefor I googled…
Being the skeptic I am, I looked at the results that didn’t match the company URL… and whoop there it is…

BAD reputation for Naymz (Hey, guys, I recommend “reputation management” – oh wait, that’s your core business… never mind then)

Result no 3 is already not owned by Naymz… instead it’s Technology Evangelism talking about stalking – doesn’t sound like something I’d want 😉

Result no 4 is the beez neez – Kung Fu Quip writes a hilarious (and scary) post about named service

Then there’s a lot (!) of results that doesn’t support my post…so I’ll just leave them be…

Nicolas Gill however writes a very to-the-point- post and trough him I learn that Naymz co-founder Tom Drugan acutally is making an effort to answer to the critzism – and oh, I acutally saw that post on Google as well, but I guess it didn’t stick. Looking at it again, I realize the comments started in Jan -08 and ended in Apr -09 – Poor Tom, he’s been working hard on Naymz reputation! He acutally answered Kung Fu’s post as well! Thumbs up for Tom Drugan. He’s persistent, you gotta give him that!

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