Online is demanding!

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So, you’ve all gathered I’m trying to be present online… I’m actually trying to be ME, but a more memorable me 😉

But online is sooo demanding! For instance:

I use AdWords and Analytics for my work. I deal with 3 different website, and therefor I created a “client center” – it’s just that it’s in-house, and it’s just ME! I started with one site and could not reuse that email for the client center…ergo a new one – do over! And client center just wants me to be the “consultant” and add an additional email address to the “owner” = 2 of my email addresses for each site.

This lead to me starting over in my “Google help” contributions… Do over…

Since the website have totally different target groups I also have to “be” different personas on the web – that’s 2 different at least. (Focus on your visitors = online demand)

Of course I also have my PERSONAL Gmail account… that used to be connected to my blog – but juggling online presence under 5+ emails just didn’t work! So I had to change my blog! Another do-over 😛

While trying to be transparent (another online demand) I also want to make sure my employer doesn’t have to “own up” to my opinions

Sometimes I just want to go back to 8 months ago, when my only online presence where Pirate Wars and Garden apps on Facebook 😉

I think I’m getting there! I’ve gone from “being” 5 different emails to being 2 – and I realize that “online”= Google in this post, but hey, we all know that to be true!

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