So, we’re on the hunt for a CMS at work. Or well, me and the designer is on the hunt. Others mainly ask if we aren’t done already or just don’t say anything. Oh, did I mention we started the search last week?!

So my problem was – A) Go with WordPress – yes of course, but with the issues bound to arise and the enormous interest in learning new tools (well, not, obviously), I can just feel the gray hairs starting to grow on my head.

B) .net or no .net – Everything we do today is on Microsoft servers – oh wait, no, all but one – and all dev and IT are used to Microsoft – so to yank out the websites and host them on Linux – yet again, it will be my gray hairs I guess. Or, mainly the designer guys ’cause I just don’t have a technical background and this is waaay out of my league.

C) Just don’t bother, do a quick search, email our requests and go from there. Said and done!
Found some promising ones, and got good feedback from 2 of them – Kentico – .net & sh*t expensive – and CookieJar – I love this one but it’s Java.

I also got contacted by Alterian – very nice sales rep, but just TOO much, I can’t even get through the description of the tool, and that is what I’m supposed to work with every day…

Oh and then we have “the other open sources” – time consuming work to figure out if they have what you need, but the sensation of “free” is grand – until you hit a problem, and there is ju no-more-time for trial-and-error…

And so, the hunt continues!

5 thoughts on “In the midst of CMS

  1. Hur mycket budget har du/ni för CMS-verktyget? Är det satt nĂ„n specifik nivĂ„? Blir ju lĂ€ttare pĂ„ sĂ„ sĂ€tt att vet vilka verktyg man Ă„tminstone i n t e ska ha. 🙂

    Det finns mĂ„nga alternativ dĂ€rute som Ă€r bra, vilket ni sĂ€kert redan insett….

    / Per

    1. Ja d va ju det 🙂 Ingen budget satt, sĂ„ jag tĂ€nkte ge en lista pĂ„ alternativ frĂ„n gratis till svindyrt. För gratis kommer ju med tidsinvestering och det kĂ€nns viktigt att inte glömma bort det. Tror det slutar med gratis el vĂ€ldigt billigt, vi har trots allt mycket kompetens in-house, vi mĂ„ste bara lösgöra tiden…

  2. Har ni kikat nÄt pÄ Joomla? Det kÀnns som att det vÀxer mer och mer. Ett bra CMS-tips att kika pÄ annars Àr som Martin Edenström har hand om. DÀr finns mycket smÄt och gott om CM-system.

    Lycka till!

  3. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Umbraco… Jag saknar verkligen teknisk kompetens i sĂ„dana hĂ€r lĂ€gen! Tur att designern Ă€r mer bevandrad…

    MKSE va ett bra tips, det ska jag kolla pÄ! Tack!

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