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I’m on vacation in Aruba and even though it’s a pretty small island with only about 100′ people living here (and probably the same amount of tourists at any given day) there is A LOT of restaurants to choose from and around a gazillion jewelers.

So what happens – I as a tourist use TripAdvisor to plan out my trip, mark 20 or so spots on a Google map and arrive at the island without any internet connection 😀 (I got it now of course, but I also know the island better)

Instead I turned to cupons they handed me at the airport…can you belive it?! I couldn’t! But they’re good!! Not the coupons, but the fact that they come in little books, with info about the restaurant and a map of the surrounding area. BELIVE ME when I say Arubian maps leave a lot to the imagination – we’ve used those small pieces of map puzzle…

Obsiously the people responsible for these booklets of cupons are either very smart, or very lucky. I wouldn’t have even picked one up if I would have had internet the first day – but I didn’t – and the info I got was good enough for me to pick up several kinds of booklets as I’ve seen them…

And no, I haven’t actually used any of the cupons for discounts, but I’ve used them for info and spotted a couple of new restaurants in the process!

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