Information wants to be Free

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The “Free” saga continues, with more voices wanting to be a part of the mob or the cheering crowd. I’m leaning more towards the latter.

Ian Lurie, however, have not been drinking the Free kool-aid 😉 But, he has written a humorous slandering post and also linked to the full, free copy of Free! See, information CAN be free 😉 (Although, only in the US, I might add! – which, I admit, sort of contradicts the whole free idea)

I haven’t read the book yet, and it’s very possible that YOU read it before me (just click the first link in the post!) Therefore I can’t say this with any amount of certainty – but I’ll say it anyway.

“Free” is not about free as such – it’s about creating something big by giving something small away for free…
It’s about seeing new ways to make money, instead of doing what everyone else has done
It’s about kick-starting your creativity – and yes, kicking sometimes hurt!

I could be wrong, but god, I hope not! 😉

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