I wish it was all about honesty

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I’m following the most boring type of tweet ever – the automated feed – and as much as I would like to say “I would never”, I am!
Why? It’s Seth Godin’s blog 😛  I WANT to read Seth’s blog – and I’m easily distracted, therefor I need a reminder… Also, the Twitter account is FAR from false marketing! (Click the link – it doesn’t get much clearer than “ThisIsSethsBlog” 🙂 )

In his latest post he talks about bad marketing tactics making one sale – and I couldn’t agree more. Is it really worth the one-time sales to not be honest? “But everyone else…” or “But the customers should really understand…” are the worst sentences I know – and I hear them way to often!

The customer shouldn’t really understand anything – the customer is after a good deal and might realize they got more than they bargained for… is that good or bad for you as a company? Well Seth says, every bad sale costs you 5 other. I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but probably 1 or 2.

What is it about a sale that makes people SO inclined to be borderline-honest?

I’m sort of proud of my naive outlook on sales – and it’s OK since I don’t want to do push-sales, I want to do marketing that turns into pull-sales…

It was actually my high school teacher who thought me a life lesson:

Every “browsing” visitor is worthy of being treated like a customer.
BUT, they are never a customer until they give you repeat-business!

I guess it’s goes with “Fool me once…” 😉

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