Gladwell reviews Free by Anderson

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Don’t you just love when two people you admire start a heated discussion about the big questions in life… or do you get flashbacks from a childhood where the parents were arguing? 😉

Well I like it, and since I highly respect the ideas of both Malcom Gladwell and Chris Anderson, I must say this is a real treat!

The New Yorker: Malcolm Gladwell reviews “Free” by Chris Anderson

And my take? Free works! But not without being clear on the business objective…
If giving 70% of your traditional earning to another company doesn’t render you 100 % new earning potentials…well, then don’t!

I’m sure you’re always asking yourself: What is the value add of the person/company that want a part of your profit?

What is the actual cost of giving something away for free, to get PR that would cost you X amount of money to buy?

This is not brain surgery, and there’s really nothing new about it – it’s just the speed ideas travel in, that’s newish

I’m seriously grateful to the New Yorker for giving me Gladwell’s intellectual property for free…but I’m sure they see the gains outweighing his per-word-pay 😉

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