Does humor sell online?!

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Although I started the day with the outlook of NOT visiting new websites, it quickly collapsed. A good thing it did, because I stumbled on a couple of fun pages…

The procrastination dissolve-o-matic sounded like the best thing since sliced bread and the website was pretty amusing! (Although I’m using “site” loosely…) BUT, I’m not interested in spending 108 USD on snickering fun…sorry, but that’s just not me.

However, I’m not sure they actually EXPECTED anyone to buy anything – because at the very end there was a “free sampler package” – which I have of course ordered. I’m willing to pay with my email address 😉

It all started with this page’s banner ads – maybe the best banner ads ever! (hey, I know, that’s not saying much)

I saw one saying Long live the pencil – and I DO love pen and paper, so naturally I had to click it.
Sort of a fun site of all 6 pages, and an awesome (?) deal on the book for 14 USD.
Ok, great, thanks! And I hit the back-button…

The question kept annoying me – Does humor sell?
My instinct would be to say – yes, always! And yet, I was scurrying away from sites doing just that – selling, with only their humor as an USP. (honestly I KNOW how to use pencils 😉 )

My secont-to-best answer would be “yes, but the humor needs to be combined with trustworthiness.”

Good thing for Havi Brooks, since I poked around a bit more on her procrastination site – and found the actual site of FluentSelf – seems she’s the real deal, and it’s her conversational style to be fun! That’s enough for me to have a reason to come back to Havi’s – if nothing else, then as a source of inspiration!

I also found a couple of “proper” sales-letter sites, like – not particularly fun and still I would be out 97 USD for the benefit of reading their words…

As you’ve noticed before I’m a fan of FREE, but I’m even more a fan of content, well, in more than ONE page 😛
I also like ebooks as a marketing tactic, rather than as the entire scope of the offer…

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