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This blogpost was additionally written in my former blog, but since WordPress IS all the rage I felt compelled to switch…

A few years back I started following a great woman’s daily newsletter. She’s a book publisher that also holds author writing classes. On top of that, for free, she gave away small tips and challenges to anyone wanting to participate.

I found this woman, Ann Ljungberg, through a swedish social network called Shortcut. At the time I studied project management and only had writing as a hobby. Since Shortcut focuses on helping people onwards in their careers, I stopped using it when I found my job. And Ann stopped sending her newsletter – because, of course, she started focusing on her blog and her core business 😀 Alas I lost the inspiration that Ann’s sendouts had been – and as life goes, I got used to it and didn’t think much of it.

Until yesterday! Being the book buff that I am, I’m following a lot of book publishers on Twitter, and suddenly @Piratforlaget said something to @AnnLjungberg! And here I am, today, answering her challenge… 🙂

I’m now convinced that Twitter does good – despite most people displaying a not-so-mild skepticism – because not only does it help me find info about SEO and other online marketing related subject, it also put me in contact with Ann, once again – now that writing is a big part of what I do all day!

The web definitely gives us new writing challenges regarding style and expression, but for me it also embodies the chance to evolve and grow my capabilities as a copy writer – without loosing track of what writing “used” to be about!

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