Time…is not on my side

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I realized yesterday that I’m paralyzed! Utterly and completely paralyzed. Why? Because of TIME!

I KNOW – we all have an equal amount of time at our disposal

I also read this blog post about personal growth, thanks to @danschawbel. You would think that would act as a kick-in-the-butt… but nooo, frankly I think it made things worse 🙂

A month ago, when I came back from vacation, I had the intent to “take control” and “act” to sort out all the stuff that’s been rotting away on the to-do list. I might add I’ve done exactly NOTHING yet… because I’m waiting – I just don’t know for what!

I know I normally get energized from having a lot to do – and thought that having each weekend for the next month booked should be enough, but it just paralyzes me. It’s like I don’t realize that all weekends are in-fact a week apart. I do nothing to be prepared and I feel annoyed that everything is happening at the same time.

Time is truly a relative thing, and I’m just realizing that worse than having it go too fast or too slow, is having it do both in a matter of minutes!

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