Oh no, you twound my bad habit!

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Changing blogging platforms is NOT all-the-rage… but STILL I’m doing it! WordPress is my new baby, and unfortunately, I haven’t completely got the hang of it yet…but bare with me 😀

@EricTPeterson tweeted a questions – that summarized MY bad habit. And seconds later I read @AnnLjungbergs writing exercise “Write about a bad habit” – you both tweeted me on the nose with this one! 😀

So, my bad habit is the “read later” add-on in Firefox! I LOVE reading, and with twitter, blog etc the tips just get overwhelming – therefore “read later” is heavily used! I love it, i truly do, because it falls into my lovely world of procrastinating… and of course, I have yet to clear out and sort my read laters…

But I gave Eric the advice of taking 20 mins/day to acutally check off some read laters – it’s not a solution, but it is a start! And I’ll do that!

Just the other day @MattCutts tweeted his 30-day project… and I promised him I would join if he chose “Reading 15 books” – from 1 to 15 might be kidding myself, but I’ll increase my BOOK (!) reading with several 100 % during July!  If Matt is right, and it only takes 30 days to make a habit – I’ll have 2 new good habits to go with my vast amount of bad ones! =D

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