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I started this post back  in June, but it got stuck in draft mode. This is what I’d written:

Google is changing the rules of internet sometime during this year.
I would argue they HAVE already changed it – they made me watch a 1 HOUR and 20 minutes video of them marketing their latest product.
I ask you – HOW many commercials are allowed to be 1.20 hrs?!

I was skeptical, I really was! And I still am – but just about the release date. I guess I just have to admit to having drunk the Google kool-aid. And it’s okey, because I think ppl who do good marketing are allowed to be successful.

Although I have a hard time doing stuff “half-ass”, I do say: It’s not about KNOWING what you do, it’s about LOOKING as if you know.

So, WHY have I swallowed the Google buzzwords? Because I LOVE technology that allows my messy brain to stay messy. I use Gmail because it group conversations, and because I can search for any keyword and get all matching messages.

And Google “promised” me that Wave would be even better – and since I don’t expect YOU to watch the entire video, here are the goodies:

For some reason I never listed the goodies!! Now I wish I had, because I feel like the dumbest person alive for hyping Wave the way I did, to get the preview and find “poll gadget” and “collaborative sudoko” as the exciting functions.

There IS a way around it, it’s just I haven’t really found it. There are several really good apps/gadgets/add-ons/thingies – it’s just TOO DAMN HARD to come across them.

And for the 3rd time I’m wishing I knew more about writing code – then I could create what I wanted, or at least explain to ppl.

There ARE stuff I like about Wave! Like the fact that there is a “Swedes on Wave” wave created. I mean, things like this can only happen when services are small! Imagine “Swedes on MSN” or “Swedes using email” – those list have probably existed in some form at some point, but WAY before my time. This is realtime history people. And as always, nothing is as straight forward as it will seem looking back.

I’m still effected by the Wave kool-aid and it won’t take much to get me advocating the brand, but it will take a couple of things:

  • Speed-it-up! There is just no way around this. The window of opportunity is starting to shut.
    A wave with 300+ user CAN be slow – but not ALL waves! There is just no way for me to internalize wave usage at this point. And there is no way I can leave wave open without it slowing down the entire web browser.
  • Gadget URLs – great that I can add them! BUT, once I’ve added a new one, it should really show up in a list of some sort! I mean, there is no way I’ll keep a separate list of URLs for adding to waves. (Taskboardy, Napkin gadget)
  • In a long wave – I have to be able to skip all old items and just see the new ones. Maybe I can, I don’t know – maybe it’s just the UI 😉
  • If you can’t speed up all of wave, then at least let me see WHAT I’M WRITING! Honestly, it’s cool to see stuff written real time – BUT as a viewer I’ll get annoyed if someone misspells due to not knowing how far he got in the sentence. And as a writer I get even more annoyed, since it’s not real time when you’re forcing me to think and write slower for the system to keep up 😛

I wanted wave to use it as a real time project tool in my small marketing team – but reality hit me and now I’m looking at traditional tools instead. No way to revolutionize the web, if you ask me!


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