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I finally caved and took the time to learn why geotagging has been (is) all the rage….
As usual, consumers are so much faster than the brands and only a few companies can consider themselves awake enough to have kept up the early-adopters within geotagging.

I warned my Twitter feed that I was going to try out Gowalla, Foursquare etc but that I would try not to spam them with too many check-ins.
The joke was on me as I have yet to manage to share on Twitter even ONCE!

Never mind that, here are the basics of some of the geographically related social media services that people use today:


Initially this was the one that made the most sense. Start with choosing “Check in” and then search for where you are. The fact that you get cute badges and stuff at random can probably act as both a repellent and add to the addictiveness.

I managed to check in on several places, sharing 9 photos, getting 21 “stamps” and 6 “pins”.

Me – being the less socially driven of their users – got a bunch of points for being “the first of my friends” to check in to places. Now, this is a good idea – if it weren’t for the fact that I had 0 friends 🙂


It took me more than a bit of time to get how the check-ins worked. Once I had that figured out I quite liked the structured way in how they told me how many points I earned for every check-in.

Although I managed to add 4 friends, I only checked in 11 times, got 3 badges and a mayorship -and I still have NO idea what I would use this information for 🙂

Facebook places

This seems like the obvious choice if you want to share. I mean how many hundred friends do you have on Facebook? Despite this, I don’t feel more compelled to check in here. Maybe even less because I know a big portion of the ppl I know aren’t interested in my every move!
A big minus is the lack of photo adding – photos is what I want to share, that much I’ve learned.

In general, the want to share is the only driver that matters. It’s nice to collect points, offers and stuff. And you always share, with the people that be-friend you on each service – but that’s not enough to remember to check in to every place you set your foot every day.

These services are good when they bulk the truly social of the web with the chance to gain real benefits from it (discounts, free coffee etc)

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