It’s just a simple: Why?

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Brace yourself, its gonna be a long one! I’ve been bottling up for too long now! 🙂 The “why” part is at the bottom, just scroll.

  • Are you one of the skeptics of Twitter?
  • Is the meta twittering just getting-on-your-last-nerve?
  • Do you -like me – just want to shriek when people use Twitter as a random buzz-word?

First – Twitter is A TOOL – nothing more, nothing less! When _a better_ tool comes along,  people will switch! Sort of like MySpace and Facebook… What we’re interested in is the FUNCTION of Twitter, the “micro-blogging” if you will.

I tend to do some researching when I’m on Twitter. Just because it’s a social playing field that I (and many with me) have found very useful but that others don’t understand AT ALL. Some of these are people I really respect, and therefore it sparks my curiosity.

The main cons I hear:

– People only twitter what they had for lunch

– I have RSS/Newsletters from the people I’m interested in

– There is no proof you’ll increase revenue

– No one uses it anyway

Ah, yes, the last one is my favorite – the “no ones” that don’t use it – guess what, it doesn’t matter! There is an information stream and it’s happening with or without you and me – so “someone” is using it.

Unfortunately people DO twitter what they had for lunch! But that does NOT mean you have to listen to (a.k.a. “follow”) them… unlike obnoxious co-workers that all headphones in the world can’t drown out!

Yes, there are proof! There just isn’t any consensus! You’ll seldom find consensus outside the math and natural science field – get used to it!

And if you already have ALL the input you want – please don’t use Twitter! You may state the-way-the-world-works on your own blog, thank you very much!

Now, these people are the lesser of the two evils! Worse are the ones that clutter Twitter with NO interest in “social” or “communication”. (Agreed, some companies may be excused for using Twitter as yet-another-broadcasting-channel)

This is what you can tell those people (if you’re just not satisfied with the “unfollow” part):

  • You know of a great new lunch place? Great! Give me the address! Otherwise, shut up about your lunch 😉
  • Oh, good morning to you too – I’m on the other side of the world, it’s 4 pm here!
  • Hey Mr, out of 30,000 followers – I’m SURE you could have found more than 10 interesting people
  • I understand you couldn’t answer an @reply during your 30 tweets-per-hour
  • When someone said “get Twitter” you should have asked “Why”

The WHY is the key!

My company is starting a Twitter account? – Why? (Make sure that Q is answered before ANYONE proceeds)

I’m going to tweet to everyone about my nice pen! – Why? (Is there a value add?)

I can’t tweet for work because I don’t know what to say – Why? (Should you work somewhere more engaging?)

I’m going to repeat this tweet for the 3rd time today (hundred time this month) – Why? (Yes, you the spammer!)

…or even

I don’t want to use Twitter but I see it necessary to tell everyone that does how fooled they are – Why? (Ignore it and it will go away)

Ah, sweet feeling of relief! I will now try to keep my twitter-complaining to a minimum! Just remember to ask Why! But only once or twice – don’t overdo it, cause that surely is annoying! 🙂

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