Filter or #nofilter – that is the question

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Do you use Instagram?
I don’t. That is, I didn’t until earlier today. But recently I’ve noticed that several of my “late majority” friends seem completely hooked. And we’re talking ppl who don’t really use Pinterest, Twitter and other fairly common social media communities.

That got me thinking… Why Instagram is such a hit? And how can I, as a marketer, use it?

Can I create a more professional looking site just by adding instagram pics?
Is it simply a lazy woman’s Photoshop?

Let us compare:

Poppy flower. Pic taken with my Motorola Atrix a few days ago. Not a bad picture, but it could do with some cropping and tweaking.

Same picture Instagram-style. Can’t tell you which filter I used, I simply picked the one that “felt right’

Pretty much a tie in which one is “prettiest”, don’t you think?

Let’s do another one!


My balcony plain and simple. No editing, not even closing the windows.


Instagram earlybird filter with extra sunlight.

The latter one is definitely the more artsy and professional looking one, wouldn’t you say?

Ok, one last one then.


No filter, no editing passionfruit flower (also located on my balcony)


Instagram version.

See, now I’m getting annoyed that ALL photos are square. But sure, Instagram might win over the non-edited one if looking for a “professional” photo. While I still feel you’re missing something of the of the original feeling.

I guess Instagram can stay in my phone for quick editing purposes, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone interested in pictures to use it exclusively. After all, how many 1977 pictures can you take before you feel like a broken record?!

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