On habit changing tablets Early summer in the middle of Sweden. There’s six of us sitting on the front porch of the summer house. Two laptops with tonights Icehockey game is placed in front of most of them. Me, I’m watching the other nights gardening show on my iPad. I admit it, I never watch TV except for on TV before I got my iPad. It was too much hassle. The only reason I do it now is because it’s sooo easy. I have it…Continue Reading “Tablet living”

Sweden’s beloved (and hated) H&M got caught doing the doo doo in New York. To be honest, Wal-Mart got caught too…but they had a spokesperson saying “Strange, I will HAVE to investigate this” or something of the sort… H&M made the journalist call someone else, that then didn’t answer…and OH-OH, who got to be the bad boy in this?! The HUGE problem I see is actually not that it happened! The ENORMOUS problem is that H&M has a Corporate Responsibility executive employed(!!) And that they…Continue Reading “Corporate responsibility is a fashion word”

Came across Twitcam today, thanks to @unmarketing Although I have my tweeps at Twitter (sorry, just had to…) to thank for a bunch of knowledge, it’s at times like this that I get really excited about the possibilities of Twitter. For one,  although the Twitter website is next to impossible to use if you want to tweet in a serious way, there are gazillions of  3rd party applications to discover. Today it was Twitcam, by LiveStream’s turn – video broadcasting tool, with great sound, easy UI and good picture…Continue Reading “Twitcam-could-be-your-next-meeting”

“It’s an added bonus – like the SUN or AIR” – New Adventures of Old Christine “A mistake, no! It was a choice…one that I now regret deeply” – New Adventures of Old Christine I simply LOVE that show! Wanda Sykes is a huge favorite and although Julia Dreyfus was great in Seinfeld this show just takes the cake! Sometimes I really wish I didn’t enjoy TV as much as I do! It’s a real “time-thief” but I just can’t help it! Like now, I’m…Continue Reading “Tell me what you watch on tv and I’ll tell you who you are”

Just had the funniest experience with auto-follow-by-keyword-on-Twitter… Tomorrow is MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World and @MarketingProfs told Chicago ppl to come to a tweetup after the event… I RT’d and said: Damnit, I”m moving 2 Ch! RT @MarketingProfs: Chicago folks: Who can come 2morrow & help our man Tobias understand the beauty of a Tweetup? 2 minutes after I get a follow by @packnsend – GUESS what they do =) I’m sorry PacknSend, I’m not REALLY moving, but I love you guys for trying! 🙂 Also,…Continue Reading “Keywords can be tricky”

Just read this post about being ONE person at home and at work. (In general a really a good blog!!) It’s absolutely NOT the first one, and it will most definitely not be the last one – but I just felt the area is OVERLY crowded with people stating the obvious. Or is it just me? Is it just me who change jobs when I get the famous “Sunday anxiety” – if I’m feeling bad when Monday is coming up, well then obviously I’m NOT…Continue Reading “Is it just me?”

I feel EXTREMELY bad! I’ve committed one of the worst sins in the online world – I’ve gone OFFLINE for too long. The blogging time frame I would say is – keep in touch once a week On Twitter of course it’s once per day or so Oh well, I’m back and I’ve leaned from my mistakes! Now: Applying internally for a job as marketing- and communication manager. Preparing for Winter (always in Sweden 😉 ) Planning out the garden for the summer house (not…Continue Reading “Waiting for the crayfish party”

This blogpost was additionally written in my former blog dollysdoings.blogspot.com, but since WordPress IS all the rage I felt compelled to switch… Watched an old concert with Robyn on TV tonight. It was shot in L.A. Seems unreal somehow, that Robyn, only 2 years older than me, and from Stockholm would be touring the world singing the songs she releases through her own record label. I’m always amazed by people who make it. And normally I don’t particulary care if it’s pure marketing or pure…Continue Reading “Show me love”