Had a bit of an SEO-advice column today and figured I’d might as well scribble everything down in a blog post. Hopefully it’s of help to someone 🙂 Imagine you’re creating a site or revamping an old one. This is e the basic basics you simply have to know and do. What is your bottom line? The main reason for your site, what you want to accomplish. This is your keyword starting point. For our examples we’ll use: Sharing my love for clothes (after all,…Continue Reading “Basic on-page SEO”

If a SEO does not know how to program a test site, is he then a SEO? If a SEO is fully focused on Googles next step and not that bothered about inbound marketing – then he needs to work with a SMO.

The last month have been all BUT productive… as far as blogging is considered.On the other hand, I’ve been painting windows, building Ikea furniture AND trying to Google stuff I think I want. All this Googleing has made me realize – Swedish interior shops have some CRAPPY SEO! 😛I hate directories (I know, I shouldn’t, it’s SEO) – I just hate going through stuff that only gives you half the info you want. There is one shop, however, that seems to show up on almost…Continue Reading “Moving is opening my eyes for SEO”