I hardly use a computer anymore*. 99% of what I need to do I’ll use my iPad or even mobile for. I admit, surfing the traditional web is sometimes a hassle on iPad (need I mention Flash), but most really interesting places have found a way to make it work without scaling to an old school mobile design (not Google, but them putting up a fight is understandable) On the other hand you can imagine how much more effort the 1% is requiring nowadays –…Continue Reading “Do I have to…use a computer”

25th of April was my latest post… I’m at a loss for words! Sadly it’s about the same time that I stopped spending time on online marketing as well. But as the song goes – Enough is enough is enough is enough… I answered a survey from a community I used to be a member of and I realized how much energy and valuable input online gives me. Tips from Twitter in form of blogs, articles, feedback from tweeps. New SEO rules dictated by Google….Continue Reading “Are you kiddin’ me with this?!”

I’m back in Sweden, and winter is still here. I went from sunny (but windy) paradise to 3 feet of snow. Those who know me know I can’t stand more than a month of winter time…this is the fourth, or fifth, I’ve lost count! Anyways, doing what I promised on new years – blogging more often (not doing a great job so far, am I!) We’ve just moved office at work, and I still a bit of unpacking to do, but it’s going to be…Continue Reading “The trauma of winter time”