Seth GODin does it again… In his world everything is easy and up to the individual. Not always the case, I would say, but it’s hard NOT to be affected of Seths inspirational tidbits! Are you a manager or a leader? Seth makes important distinctions between “Leadership” and “Management”. Although I’ve been in contact with separate definitions before, this one is news to me. Nevertheless, it makes sense. Management manipulation of resources to get a known job done settles, probably because of lack of choice,…Continue Reading “BOOK: Tribes”

Don’t you just wanna read all books in the world?! I do, or at least such a significant number of them that I won’t have time to read one twice. And my memory is lousy. So this is my excerpt/review of thoughts and things I want to remember. Use it if you want to, I know I will! “Meatball Sundae” is, like all of Seth Godins books, truly inspirational. He takes his own advice and writes a book that will give you energy to change…Continue Reading “BOOK: Meatball Sundae”