I attended Marketo’s roadshow “Revenue Rockstar” earlier this week and wanted to share some key take-aways and thoughts with you guys. First of all, marketing automation won’t be any better than the processes you apply it too. Secondly, it’s still about quality content. The main improvements that Marketo clients notice is: 22% increase in nr of qualified leads 21% more leads convert to opportunities. 15% reduction in customer acquisition cost 7 % shorter sales cycle “slow leads” converted at 3x the nr with nurturing –…Continue Reading “Revenue Rockstar – marketing automation”

So, we’re on the hunt for a CMS at work. Or well, me and the designer is on the hunt. Others mainly ask if we aren’t done already or just don’t say anything. Oh, did I mention we started the search last week?! So my problem was – A) Go with WordPress – yes of course, but with the issues bound to arise and the enormous interest in learning new tools (well, not, obviously), I can just feel the gray hairs starting to grow on…Continue Reading “In the midst of CMS”