Just read a short article in HBJ on handling your email load. It’s an constantly current topic, isn’t it. This guy realized he could go through weeks of emails in 3 hrs after returning from vacation, while he normally spent 3 hrs per day doing the same. His solution: email time; 30 minutes, 3 times per day. No more! Could you do that? I think we all would love to spend less time reading, answering, searching for and sending reminders on emails. But could you…Continue Reading “What’s your email situation”

Some of you will remember I applied for the job of marketing manager at the company I work. It’s little over 6 months ago, and this week I was offered the position. That of course means I wasn’t the first one to get it (no company should take six months to decide…especially not an entrepreneurial firm in extreme expansion). Nevertheless, runners up, I’m now officially “here” and it is GO TIME! Let’s face it, it’s not like I have an option, there’s a sales organization…Continue Reading “It’s go time”

Anyone loves celebrity gossip right? Wrong. But anyone likes to think/read/hear about people they see as celebrities! With fame comes perks, but more so responsibility and the “right” for people to have an opinion about your personality. I’m not applauding either, I’m just calling it the way I see it. Andy Warhol coined the “15 minutes of fame” expression, something that people tend to call “15 seconds” nowadays. Regardless, god knows we’re close to actually getting our 15 minutes. Not only because the entertainment industry…Continue Reading “Pond-celebrity and the normal kind”

So today is the last day! For 3 weeks or so the position of Marketing- & Communications Manager at the company I work, have been open. I’ve of course applied for it! After all, it is an internal recruitment and I do think that know the SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Web Analytics scene is being of to a good start 🙂 Of course I also know the role of product owner as well as having worked with most of the companies products. Hell,…Continue Reading “Gas or break – what is a manager to do”

A couple of weeks ago InboundMarketing offered a free university And I, of course, attended! Information wants to be free, and all that. But seriously, it was a REALLY good course with some really good professors. Overall I would say the lectures had a higher standard than the test – which is always the best way around 😉 I plan on giving you the goodies in a blog post, but for now you’ll have to make due with my beautiful badge!

Sometimes I actually get a chance to read some of those articles I’ve bookmarked as “Read later”. These are mostly tips from Twitter, and blogs that have not yet earned a place on my Google Reader. But it can also be pages that I already have on RSS, bookmarked, on one of my numerous post-its (yes, I do still use pen and paper…a LOT) One of those pages are from MediaPost on how to Optimize your personal brand. A valid point from that post is:“A…Continue Reading “Personal brand or brands – that is the question”