Do you use Instagram? I don’t. That is, I didn’t until earlier today. But recently I’ve noticed that several of my “late majority” friends seem completely hooked. And we’re talking ppl who don’t really use Pinterest, Twitter and other fairly common social media communities. That got me thinking… Why Instagram is such a hit? And how can I, as a marketer, use it? Can I create a more professional looking site just by adding instagram pics? Is it simply a lazy woman’s Photoshop? Let us…Continue Reading “Filter or #nofilter – that is the question”

Do you consider yourself an average user of LinkedIn? Chances are you do! And yet, there are so many angles to the networking community left to investigate. Linkedin basics Name, title, picture, education, earlier work – its all very basic really. And yet, it took me 5+ years to fill in my profile to 100%. How many % complete is your profile? What’s in a name If you’re lucky you have a name people remember after hearing it once. If you’re like me, you have…Continue Reading “Are you using LinkedIn the way you should?”

I finally caved and took the time to learn why geotagging has been (is) all the rage…. As usual, consumers are so much faster than the brands and only a few companies can consider themselves awake enough to have kept up the early-adopters within geotagging. I warned my Twitter feed that I was going to try out Gowalla, Foursquare etc but that I would try not to spam them with too many check-ins. The joke was on me as I have yet to manage to…Continue Reading “Places and geotagging”

In a time when more people are creating more content and news travel fast I’m a bit perplexed by the rise of magazine pay walls. It’s not that I don’t understand publishers need to increase revenue, it’s just that I don’t see what news outlet would make me get out my Visa. My normal reaction to a paywall is “too bad, that would have been a nice article to read”, and that is also the extent of of it. On the other hand I probably…Continue Reading “Paywalls or content critics”

I promised a friend to blog more about social media during 2010. Not been living up to it much, have I 😉 But a good start is this presentation I just held for a bunch of Swedish production managers. Great group, lots of questions! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment or tweet @DangerousDolly Check out the social Twitter presentation here, since I obviously don’t know how to embedd stuff 😀 Also is an awesome presentation tool!

I started this post back  in June, but it got stuck in draft mode. This is what I’d written: Google is changing the rules of internet sometime during this year. I would argue they HAVE already changed it – they made me watch a 1 HOUR and 20 minutes video of them marketing their latest product. I ask you – HOW many commercials are allowed to be 1.20 hrs?! I was skeptical, I really was! And I still am – but just about the release…Continue Reading “Surfing the Google Wave”

Brace yourself, its gonna be a long one! I’ve been bottling up for too long now! 🙂 The “why” part is at the bottom, just scroll. Are you one of the skeptics of Twitter? Is the meta twittering just getting-on-your-last-nerve? Do you -like me – just want to shriek when people use Twitter as a random buzz-word? First – Twitter is A TOOL – nothing more, nothing less! When _a better_ tool comes along,  people will switch! Sort of like MySpace and Facebook… What we’re…Continue Reading “It’s just a simple: Why?”

I realized yesterday that I’m paralyzed! Utterly and completely paralyzed. Why? Because of TIME! I KNOW – we all have an equal amount of time at our disposal I also read this blog post about personal growth, thanks to @danschawbel. You would think that would act as a kick-in-the-butt… but nooo, frankly I think it made things worse 🙂 A month ago, when I came back from vacation, I had the intent to “take control” and “act” to sort out all the stuff that’s been…Continue Reading “Time…is not on my side”

Don’t you just love when two people you admire start a heated discussion about the big questions in life… or do you get flashbacks from a childhood where the parents were arguing? 😉 Well I like it, and since I highly respect the ideas of both Malcom Gladwell and Chris Anderson, I must say this is a real treat! The New Yorker: Malcolm Gladwell reviews “Free” by Chris Anderson And my take? Free works! But not without being clear on the business objective… If giving…Continue Reading “Gladwell reviews Free by Anderson”

Changing blogging platforms is NOT all-the-rage… but STILL I’m doing it! WordPress is my new baby, and unfortunately, I haven’t completely got the hang of it yet…but bare with me 😀 @EricTPeterson tweeted a questions – that summarized MY bad habit. And seconds later I read @AnnLjungbergs writing exercise “Write about a bad habit” – you both tweeted me on the nose with this one! 😀 So, my bad habit is the “read later” add-on in Firefox! I LOVE reading, and with twitter, blog etc…Continue Reading “Oh no, you twound my bad habit!”