What pictures should I use for my Instagram? Instagram is driven by “pretty pictures” – food, design, sunny beaches and happy faces always attract likes. Darker pictures, blurry pictures, artsy photos are generally harder for people to appreciate because they show up in their feed together with very bright, “positive” images. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use those pictures, just be aware that they’re not as common on Instagram. Try to figure out what style works best for you, and then stick to that. Example…Continue Reading “Quick guide to the hows, dos and don’ts on Instagram”

Marketing and social media are all about content. Any tweet you send out, as well as any TV-commercial, and any Instagram-post – it is content. The core rule of content is that it needs to add value to the recipient’s life (career, hobby, education, free time, etc.) to be relevant,  and still there is so much irrelevant content out there! Why is that? The reality for many companies is they struggle to find the time and the inspiration to create content, and when they do,…Continue Reading “The only content process you’ll ever need”

There is a lot of interesting things going on in the fairly new field of behavioral economics. A while back I took a course through Coursera.org held by Dan Ariely. I truly recommend it to anyone that is even remotely interested in human behavior and motivations. Watch a talk by him on TED here: Are we in control of our own decisions What makes us feel good about our work Another interesting and rather mindblowing video is this one on the correlation between language spoken…Continue Reading “Behavioral economics”

I attended Marketo’s roadshow “Revenue Rockstar” earlier this week and wanted to share some key take-aways and thoughts with you guys. First of all, marketing automation won’t be any better than the processes you apply it too. Secondly, it’s still about quality content. The main improvements that Marketo clients notice is: 22% increase in nr of qualified leads 21% more leads convert to opportunities. 15% reduction in customer acquisition cost 7 % shorter sales cycle “slow leads” converted at 3x the nr with nurturing –…Continue Reading “Revenue Rockstar – marketing automation”

Pinterest is still new enough for me to think not everything has been said, but “old” enough for it to make sense for marketers to take a look at it for their own brands. In Sweden it hasn’t really hit home yet, but in US most brands you would expect have already adopted Pinterest as a new channel. Hubspot is a though leader in all things online marketing and I decided to write an “exective summary” of their Pinterest guide to help myself and hopefully…Continue Reading “Pinterest for Business – Hubspot e-book”

Do you use Instagram? I don’t. That is, I didn’t until earlier today. But recently I’ve noticed that several of my “late majority” friends seem completely hooked. And we’re talking ppl who don’t really use Pinterest, Twitter and other fairly common social media communities. That got me thinking… Why Instagram is such a hit? And how can I, as a marketer, use it? Can I create a more professional looking site just by adding instagram pics? Is it simply a lazy woman’s Photoshop? Let us…Continue Reading “Filter or #nofilter – that is the question”

Do you consider yourself an average user of LinkedIn? Chances are you do! And yet, there are so many angles to the networking community left to investigate. Linkedin basics Name, title, picture, education, earlier work – its all very basic really. And yet, it took me 5+ years to fill in my profile to 100%. How many % complete is your profile? What’s in a name If you’re lucky you have a name people remember after hearing it once. If you’re like me, you have…Continue Reading “Are you using LinkedIn the way you should?”

Just read a short article in HBJ on handling your email load. It’s an constantly current topic, isn’t it. This guy realized he could go through weeks of emails in 3 hrs after returning from vacation, while he normally spent 3 hrs per day doing the same. His solution: email time; 30 minutes, 3 times per day. No more! Could you do that? I think we all would love to spend less time reading, answering, searching for and sending reminders on emails. But could you…Continue Reading “What’s your email situation”

I hardly use a computer anymore*. 99% of what I need to do I’ll use my iPad or even mobile for. I admit, surfing the traditional web is sometimes a hassle on iPad (need I mention Flash), but most really interesting places have found a way to make it work without scaling to an old school mobile design (not Google, but them putting up a fight is understandable) On the other hand you can imagine how much more effort the 1% is requiring nowadays –…Continue Reading “Do I have to…use a computer”