What I do

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I am a strategic marketing advisor.
I focus on the why of your company’s communication, to ensure what you say reaches who you want how it’s intended.

Businesses, consultants, and individuals hire me to help them strategize and organize their marketing efforts. I offer creative writing, strategy workshops, as well as custom education and coaching sessions. I also take assignments as a project manager and liaison between your company and creative agencies.

I offer peace-of-mind to those businesses that are overwhelmed, and I offer clarity to those that are not yet satisfied with how they communicate their business to the world.

Why I do it

I make it my business to help other businesses market with a soul.
My main focus is on your customers: their wants and needs. Because the purpose of marketing in today’s world is to offer value to the recipient.

Unfortunately, most companies only communicate in one way and what they’re saying is “Here I am. Do you want to buy now?”.

By focusing on transactional sales and forgetting the opportunities for relationship building they’re missing a golden opportunity to matter in their target audiences lives.

Who I am

My name is not Dolly Carlsson, it’s Linn Lindström.
Dolly Carlsson is just who I am. The name Dolly has been with me online for over a decade, and Carlsson is my husband’s last name. Together, they make up who I am, but not my legal name.

You’re welcome to call me Dolly.

When you need me

Photo by Lisa Björk Photography 2019

Get in touch with me when you want someone to identify your business core strengths, teach you to communicate them and help you engage your audience online.

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